Minor Correction Detail


For our minor correction, we start out with a warm water foam wash to remove traces of loose dirt and grime from the bodywork, wheels and panels.

We then treat the paint and exterior glass to remove any surface contaminants, which leaves the surfaces feeling smooth. After blow drying the vehicle with warm filtered air, we then apply a glaze to the bodywork. This helps to mask minor defects and enhance the gloss for protection.

Our Featured Services

Here are the most popular services we offer.
We can also offer further bespoke requirements during the initial consultation.

Protection Detail

This service is for vehicles that receive regular care and require no paintwork correction detail. This is perfect to protect against the winter elements.

Enhancement Detail

The enhancement detail is specifically to enhance the gloss and depth of your paintwork.The perfect detail service for ultimate presentation!

Correction Detail

This detail is a multi stage correction treatment and is generally for poorly maintained vehicles with serious paint defects.

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